Monday, September 9, 2019

Cloning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Cloning - Essay Example According to Sir Johns, cloning humans will be the same as making an identical twin which is just like copying what nature has already produced (Collins). This can be used to relieve suffering among people who have lost their loved kids. Research has shown that about 60 % of the people asked to express their views towards cloning are in favour of it. However, cloning has been criticised as a result of various reasons. For instance, the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy argues that cloning raises a wide range of moral and ethical issues. For instance, embryos are destroyed for stem cells and this is seen as a serious moral wrong. An embryo should be treated as a human being. Cloning is also labour intensive and it is very expensive to carryout and this is one of the main reasons why it is criticised by many people. It is feared that the rate of still births can increase if cloning is done on human beings since this reproductive process would be different from the natural way of foetus development in the womb. Critics of cloning also argue that identity and personality of cloned individuals will be compromised and this can affect their social growth and development. There is a general feeling that cloning undermines human dignity which is enshrined in different international conventions about human rights. In my own opinion, I think cloning should be banned since the off springs produced are not original in nature. For instance, research has shown that the off springs are not 100 % perfect so there are likely chances that they will be affected by different health complications. I also feel that cloning undermines the dignity of people in different societies. This contravenes the law of natural life where it can be argued that it is only God who can create human beings. Cloned species would not be original and this is the reason why I am also against the idea of cloning human beings

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